Maybe it's the combination of bug repellent, sun block and fast-wicking fabrics, but there's just something special about loading up a canoe and heading out into waters that, although mapped and charted, feel completely virgin the second you shove off from shore. Moving at your own pace, under your own power, is nirvana. At Bell, we celebrate all canoeists: day-trippers and hard-core backcountry wackos alike. Your passion for paddling is, quite frankly, what keeps us going. Canoe journeys are the source of fond memories, photo album fodder and, in some cases, legends. They can take you to places beyond your wildest dreams — some with names, some without. It's not about getting from one portage to another; it's about the transformation that occurs along the way: a time when the "21st Century you" reverts to a being more connected to the earth and water.
Bell Adventurer